Specialty Infused Cigars

Infused cigars are unique products that San Juan Cigars has achieved through many months of exploration into the best techniques creating a particular flavor for each cigar.

We begin with a question: what spirit would pair well with a cigar? Then we go in search of an outstanding whiskey, rum, brandy or liqueur crafted at a local distillery.

Once we have chosen a spirit for the infusion, we begin selecting leaves that will best compliment the flavor and aroma of the liquor, revising and experimenting until we hit it right.

Then begins the process of infusion. We place our cigars in specially made humidors, where they gradually absorb the spirit vapors over the course of several months. (We were lucky enough to find another local company to make our custom designed infusing humidors for us.)

The finished cigars offer a distinct but not overpowering taste and aroma of the instilled spirit. Try one and discover why infused cigars have become one of our signature products.