about panatela

Panatela cigars are 5.5” by 38 ring gauge - a petite yet elegant cigar from our line. We affectionately refer to it as our lady cigar.

The Panatela is a slightly smaller ring gauge cigar and by virtue gives less volume of smoke for each puff. Don’t be dissuaded by it’s size however, this cigar has complex flavors and aromas.

With its shorter length, our Panatela cigar will burn with more heat and thus create a more distinct and fragrant flavor palate as the heat melds the oils in the leaves.

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A silky wrapper with rich oils gives an early note of straw and teak wood at the opening draw. Initial aroma offers a taste of molasses and toffee with a hint of dark chocolate. As the burn progresses, the flavor gives way to earth and green hay. Towards the end of the cigar, as the oils mix and the heat works through the leaves, a suggestion of sandalwood and pepper is released, with overtones of alfalfa.

  • total diameter .5625 inches
  • beginning length 5.5 inches
  • strength mild to medium
  • country of origin american
  • wrapper African Cameroon
  • wrapper color Colorado Maduro
  • filler Dominican & Columbian
  • wrapper leaf type Broadleaf
We strive to keep each cigar consistent and of the highest quality. We have also worked with some local distilleries to create cigars infused their liquors. Each one offers a unique flavor experience within the cigar.