about coffee infused

Coffee Infused cigars are 6” by 38 ring gauge. We use a blend of Seattle Distilling’s coffee liqueur and coffee beans from Velton’s Coffee Roasters to infuse our cigars, for a bold, rich taste and aroma.

We blend Dominican Lijero and Columbian Seco for the filler. We bind and wrap the cigar with Ecuadorian shade grown leaves for the finishing touch.

This is a light cigar with a big taste. Enjoy this with a Cuban coffee and you can’t go wrong.

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The Columbian leaves absorb and fuse with the coffee flavors. Velton’s coffee beans change the character of the smoke to something more comfortable and refined. Notes of chocolate and toffee give way to a deep essence of earth and leather, finishing with penetrating tones of Hazel nuts and caramel.

  • total diameter 0.5625 inches
  • beginning length 6 inches
  • strength medium
  • country of origin american
  • wrapper Ecuadorian Cloud Grown
  • wrapper color Colorado Maduro
  • filler Dominican, Columbian
  • wrapper leaf type Broadleaf
We strive to keep each cigar consistent and of the highest quality. We have also worked with some local distilleries to create cigars infused their liquors. Each one offers a unique flavor experience within the cigar.