about whiskey infused

Whiskey Infused cigars are 6” by 52 ring gauge. The whiskey cigars are a great addition to our line. Once the whiskey vapor permeates through the cigars, the finish scent is undeniable.

Skip Rock Distillery’s Rye whiskey is a truly rich and flavorful whiskey. It contains the bite of a rye without being overpowering, yet also has the sweetness of bourbon. The end result is a smooth, distinctive whiskey. We are fortunate to work with a local distiller with such great products.

Using our Robusto blend for the Whiskey Infused worked perfectly. The intermingling of flavors and aromas is the perfect compliment for one another.

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The whiskey cuts the intensity of the opening draw and burn. The cigar opens up with a flavor of sweet spice and charred cedar bark as you draw it in. Whiskey creates a smoother flavor palate and essentially a more open, elegant smoke. Notes of chocolate and toffee overlay the deep essence of earth and leather, and yield to a fragrance of brown sugar and bourbon.

  • total diameter 0.739 inches
  • beginning length 6 inches
  • strength Mild to Medium
  • country of origin american
  • wrapper Ecuadorian Cloud Grown
  • wrapper color Colorado Maduro
  • filler Dominican
  • wrapper leaf type Broadleaf
We strive to keep each cigar consistent and of the highest quality. We have also worked with some local distilleries to create cigars infused their liquors. Each one offers a unique flavor experience within the cigar.