our history

In 2010 a friend and I began researching the history of cigars and how to make them. For me, it started as a challenge: a way to use the dexterity and creativity of my decades as a gymnastics coach and musician, with the exacting standards of my engineering background. I wanted to see if I was capable of making cigars that I would enjoy smoking.

It wasn't long before the alchemy of cigar making had me hooked. I began experimenting with different tobaccos, searching for outstanding leaves from international sources, and blending and rolling small batches for friends and myself. That's when I realized that my skills and temperament were perfectly suited to cigar making and my perfectionist tendencies had found the right outlet!

I soon began to appreciate the importance of pre-rolling preparation. Leaf prep is a time consuming process and an absolute necessity for making a fine cigar. Many months were spent in finding the best techniques for processing tobacco before even beginning to assemble the cigars. From the humidity to the temperature of leaf storage, I studied and tried everything I could. By this time, my cigars were getting a bit of a reputation and people began encouraging me to expand production. In 2013, we launched San Juan Cigars. Creating the highest quality cigars remains our driving force.

Our standards are simple. Our product is our reputation. We will only sell a cigar if we believe it will equal or surpass the finest on the market today.

-- Jason Farr

Let San Juan Cigars make you a cigar and experience the joy of a relaxing moment with one of life’s finer pleasures.

From the beginning

We set out to make premium cigars using traditional methods and techniques – but in a non-traditional location. San Juan Cigars are produced exclusively in the Northwest by local artisans.

Each cigar we make is a blend of internationally grown tobacco leaves with its own distinct flavor palette, offering an easy yet full draw, consistent burn and complex finish.

cigar making process

Hand sorted, hand rolled, hand pressed, hand wrapped, HAND MADE.

From selecting and purchasing leaves to rolling and infusing, each of our cigars is hand-crafted to the highest standards of quality. We take pride in offering you the best.