about belle rose infused

Rum Infused cigars are 6” by 48 ring gauge; we found this to be the optimum size to maintain consistent draw and ensure unsurpassed flavor transfer.

Skip Rock Distillery’s Belle Rose Rum is created from Louisiana Turbinado cane then distilled before being aged in used Skip Rock Bourbon barrels. We feel fortunate to have a local distiller that has such distinctly flavorful rum and is willing to share it with us for our cigars.

San Juan Cigars ages our specially blended and sized cigars in a large humidor with open containers of the rum filtering up through the cigars to help infuse the vapor. We infuse/age our cigars roughly 4 – 6 months to get the best blend of tobacco and rum.

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The opening burn and first draw gives a light dry flavor and floral scent mixed with straw and bark. This airy cigar offers a rich bark and cedar aroma mixed with the sweet vanilla and apple blossom of the rum. It finishes with earthy notes of leather and almost no burn on the palate, while the texture remains rich and full.

  • total diameter 0.739 inches
  • beginning length 6 inches
  • strength mild to medium
  • country of origin american
  • wrapper Connecticut Shade Grown
  • wrapper color Claro
  • filler Dominican, Nicaraguan
  • wrapper leaf type Broadleaf Havana Seed Connecticut Grown
We strive to keep each cigar consistent and of the highest quality. We have also worked with some local distilleries to create cigars infused their liquors. Each one offers a unique flavor experience within the cigar.